Chairing the plenary sitting

A good debate is more than a discussion between MPs. It is a powerful way to make clear to society what choices are made ​​by the government and what the political groups in the parliament think of this. As Speaker, I will, with a feel for the subject at hand, contribute to a good atmosphere and an effective and substantive meeting. Because all participants in the debate in the House must be able to present their views. I will ensure that MPs and the cabinet members speak clear language, and during every debate I will ask myself whether the House has sufficient room to do its supervisory and regulatory tasks. I look forward to many great debates. The House deserves to have such great debates.

Tasks Speaker

According to Article 6 of the Rules of Procedure of the House the task of the Speaker is fourfold:

• Chair the work of the House and of the Presidium;

• Enforce the Rules of Procedure;

• Carry out the decisions made by the House;

• Represent the House.