Reflection of the Holland Casinologo in glass

Chance game policy

Many people take part in a lottery or go to the casino once in a while. The aim of the Dutch chance game policy is to protect them from gambling addiction, fraud and other forms of crime. The Cabinet wants to modernize the Dutch chance game policy, because the current Chance Game Act dates from 1964 and is outdated.


One of the Cabinet's proposals is to privatise Holland Casino. At present, Holland Casino is fully owned by the government, but the Cabinet is of the opinion that there is no longer a role for the public sector in providing casino games. To that end the Cabinet wants to amend the Chance Games Act. On 23 January 2017 both state secretaries discussed the proposal with the standing committee on Security and Justice.

Holland Casino

Holland Casino has fourteen branches throughout the Netherlands. Following the implementation of the new Chance Games Act four of these branches will be sold separately, whereas the other ten are to be sold as an overall package. Besides, no more than two licences can be issued for new casinos. Eventually, the Netherlands could have sixteen casinos.

Online chance games

On 7 July 2016 the House of Representatives already adopted a bill regulating the online internet chance game market. The bill prescribes that providers of online chance games, such as poker and sports bets, must have a licence. The bill is now under scrutiny of the Senate. If the Senate too approves the bill, it will come into force in the second half of 2017.