Cookies in an internet browser
Cookie notice on the Financieele Dagblad website

Cookie walls

Many websites will open with the question whether you  accept cookies. One of the purposes of  the so-called tracking cookies is to keep track of the websites you visit. Advertisers can use this information for their advertising. After you have looked on one site for new shoes, for instance, you may come across an advertisement for the very same shoes on a totally different website. Most internet users accept cookies without reading the notice. Sometimes a site is inaccessible if you do not accept cookies.

Proposal: all cookies in one go

Cookie walls meet a lot of criticism and the European Commission wants to do away with them. That is why the Commission presented a plan last January: in the future internet users can determine for all websites in one go whether or not they accept or refuse tracking cookies. They can enable this function in their browser.

The House wants to keep a close eye on the negotiations

The House of Representatives considers the new rules to be of great public interest, because of the implications they have for privacy and the usability of internet. That is why the House has entered a so-called scrutiny reservation. This instrument enables the House to more intensively scrutinize the position of the Government in the European negotiations and to remain closely involved in further steps to be taken in the negotiations about the proposals. For instance, the House will make arrangements about the provision of information by the Government on this dossier.

The European Commission is in a hurry

It is expected that the e-privacy proposal will be under consideration for a long time, because the ICT-industry, consumer and privacy organisations have great and divergent interests. Nevertheless, the European Commission wants the new rules to come into force as of 2018 already. Once the proposal has been adopted, it will enter into force immediately. There is no national implementation procedure. That is why the House wants to keep a close eye on this dossier at an early stage.