Energy from waste plant bearing the text "waste is heat"


Heat generation accounts for more than half of the Netherlands' energy consumption. Heating has to become more sustainable, in order for the Netherlands to meet the Energy agreement targets and to become less dependent on natural gas.  That is what minister Kamp of Economic Affairs wrote in his Heating supply vision in April 2015. An evaluation of the Heating Supply Act shows that this act has to be amended in order to achieve the targets set in the Heating supply vision. Other issues are also at stake. Consumers must be stimulated to purchase sustainable heat, for instance.

Energy dialogue

The Government wants citizens, businesses, government bodies, knowledge institutes and social organizations to think about sustainable energy. That is why it launched the so-called Energy dialogue on 7 April 2016. The key topic of the dialogue is: how can our energy supply become low carbon by 2050, but remain secure, reliable and affordable at the same time? Throughout the country Energy dialogue meetings will be organised. Moreover, anyone can join in the discussion via the website Dutch astronaut André Kuipers is the Energy dialogue's ambassador.

Smart meter

During the period 2015-2020, network managers will offer smart energy meters to approximately 8.5 million households and small businesses. A smart meter allows consumers to see per quarter of an hour how much energy they are consuming. Eventually, the aim is that they can pay per quarter of an hour, at a dynamic "quarter fee". Before this can be realised, network managers and energy suppliers must adapt their ICT systems.