The Dutch term "allochtoon"

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On 22 March 2016 adopted a motion requesting the Government to examine the Dutch terms  "allochtoon" and "autochtoon", denoting immigrants, or ethnic minorities, and native Dutch people respectively. These terms have been used traditionally by researchers and policy makers to make a distinction between native Dutch people on the one hand and immigrants on the other. In reply to the motion, minister Asscher wrote to the House that the Scientific Council for Government Policy is examining useful alternatives for the terms "allochtoon" and "autochtoon".

Funding of mosques

On several occasions the House has called for attention to the funding of mosques in the Netherlands. The government too is concerned about the influence of salafism, a strict islamic movement. According to the Government, the Gulf States provide financial support to salafism all over the world. That is why the Government pleads for transparency in the funding of mosques. The Government is also considering the need for measures to scrutinize  money flows to religious institutions if these appear doubtful.

Turkish coup attempt

After the failed coup attempt by part of the Turkish army, on Friday 15 July 2016, tension built up within the Dutch-Turkish community as well. Alleged supporters of Fethullah Gülen, the cleric held responsible by the Turkish government for the coup attempt, were facing threats and intimidation in the Netherlands as well. Moreover, Dutch Turks withdrew their children form schools that were said to be influenced by Gülen.

On Tuesday 13 September the House had a debate about the turmoil. Dutch-Turkish organizations came to the House to tell their story during hearings held by the House. The Dutch Government expects Dutch-Turkish organizations to support the Dutch rule of law state and to distance themselves from "threats, intimidation and peer pressure".