Woman with DigiD website on laptop
Woman with DigiD website on laptop

Managing official matters online

The Dutch Government’s coalition agreement proposes that by 2017 all residents and companies will be able to manage all official matters online. This is already possible, although not always with equal efficiency. The Cabinet proposes that all government, provincial and municipal websites should work in the same way. A Generic Digital Infrastructure is being developed for this purpose. Nevertheless, some people cannot or do not want to work with computers. They will continue to be able to manage official matters without a computer after 2017.

Online in Europe

In addition to dealing with as many matters as possible online in the Netherlands, Europe is also working towards making it easier for residents to deal with as many matters as possible online. A plan of action has been developed and targets have been set for 2020. Governments have also been advised that their websites should be accessible for residents and companies in other EU member states.

Accessibility of official websites

Information on government websites is often difficult to find. Besides, it is not always clear what the government expects of residents. That is why the Netherlands has agreed European guidelines for government websites. These take into account that not everyone possesses the latest equipment.