Panama papers inquiry

The committee of inquiry was set up following the disclosure of the Panama Papers. The House wants to gain more insight into the working methods of trust offices and the tax consultancy practice, as well as the effectiveness of the supervision of these activities. The hearings are scheduled according to theme, for instance tax structures for individuals and businesses, and the working methods of and cooperation between trust offices and tax consultants.

Billions of euros

Tax structures and the diversion of money to tax havens cost the government billions of euros every year. Over the past few years the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration recovered 16 billion euros worth of assets placed abroad, yielding 1.4 billion euros worth of tax income. But the actual amount of money concealed from taxation by means of tax structures remains unclear.


The Parliamentary committee of inquiry into Tax structures is not a regular committee of inquiry, but in fact a committee of interrogation. The parliamentary interrogation is a new means of investigation that the House of Representives has at its disposal. Just like in a regular parliamentary inquiry, people are obliged to cooperate in a hearing held by the Parliamentary committee of inquiry into Tax structures. The hearings are public and can be followed live via the website: video / audio. After the hearings the committee will publish a summary report, but not a report with conclusions and recommendations as would be the case in a regular parliamentary inquiry.