Binnenhof from the Maurits tower
The Binnenhof seen from the Maurits tower with the building of the Senate to the left, the Binnenhof square in the centre and the House of Representatives to the right.

Mr Stef Blok, minister for Housing and the Central Government Sector has decided so in consultation with the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate will be temporarily housed in the former building of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands in the Lange Voorhout, whereas the House of Representatives will move to the building of the ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Bezuidenhoutseweg during the renovations.

The Cabinet wants the Binnenhof to be renovated in one go. During the renovations the House of Representatives will get accommodation in the building which now still houses the ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Bezuidenhoutseweg.

The Senate moves to the former building of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands (the Lange Voorhout/Kazernestraat complex), together with part of the Council of State.

The ministry of General Affairs is likely to be housed in the Catshuis, the Prime Minister's official residence, where temporary office units are going to be placed.

Why renovate?

The Binnenhof partly consists of age-old buildings, which can be seen in the above picture. These buildings have major and minor defects. The "new building" of the House of Representatives, built in 1992, including the Plenary Assembly Hall and the Central Passage Way, also requires major repairs. Technical installations (climate, elevators, piping and wiring) are reaching the end of their lifespan, which is completely normal after so many years of service, by the way. Moreover, the buildings have to be modernized when it comes to (fire) safety, wood rot, leaking roofs, technical installations, ICT, security and health.


The project is about renovation, not about new construction. However, the renovations may include alterations, for instance to entrances, kitchens and restaurants.

After 2020

The renovation work can start in 2020 and will take 5.5 years. After renovation the Binnenhof complex will again meet the requirements for safe, undisturbed and continuous use.