One of the ferryboats plying daily between Holwerd and the isle of Ameland.
One of the ferryboats plying daily between Holwerd and the isle of Ameland

Ferry service to Ameland

In 2015, ferry passengers between the isle of Ameland and Holwerd were less satisfied than in previous years. This ferry service faces frequent delays. Moreover, the passage takes ever more time, mainly due to problems with the Wadden Sea fairway. According to the stakeholders, quick solutions to this problem include cutting corners in the current fairway and adapting the timetable to the actual crossing time. The 2015 survey also shows that passengers are more satisfied with the connection with Vlieland and that passenger satisfaction about the ferry service to Terschelling has remained more or less at the same level.

Structure vision Wadden Sea Area

The Wadden Sea Area constitutes a unique open landscape, which the government wants to protect and develop further. This principle was laid down in the structure vision Third Wadden Sea Memorandum in 2007, along with the intention to  evaluate the policy within ten years. The conclusion of the evaluation is that the Wadden Sea Area still requires protection and that the structure vision functions well. However, a clearer choice must be made for the improvement of nature and landscape. The central government, the provinces and other stakeholders have to come to an agreement as to who will take the initiative in this respect.