Temporary committee on the Digital future presents final report

On Thursday the 28th of May 2020 the temporary committee on the Digital future of the Dutch House of Representatives has presented its final report 'Update required. Towards greater parliamentary control of digitisation'. The committee has concluded that the House should establish a standing parliamentary committee for Digital Affairs, starting in the next Cabinet term. Further more, it recommends amongst other things that the House should draw up a Digitisation agenda and place additional focus on European Union legislation and how it is shaped.

The temporary committee has provided for an English written summary of the report Update required. You could also download the full report (written in Dutch, pdf, 1,9 mb).

Research topics proposed by the committee

The committee looks at how to deal with digitization issues from the perspective of the traditional roles of the House: checking the work of the government, co-legislation and representing the people. The inquiry focuses on this main question: how can the House of Representatives enhance the access to information in the field of digitization, given its right to be informed, and how can the House get a better grip on desirable and undesirable developments in the area of digitization, in the light of its duties of checking the government and co-legislation?

In order to be able to answer the main question, three subquestions have been formulated:

  1. Which digitization issues, relating to both the technological development and the impact on social values, require the House's attention in the near future, and why?
  2. What lessons can be learned from the way in which the House presently deals with digitization topics and what can be learned from other countries and authorities? Which methods or assessment frameworks can be used to get a better result?
  3. What does the House need, in terms of contents and organizational and institutional arrangements, in order to enhance its access to information about digital developments? And what instruments does the House have to get a better grip on these developments?

Time schedule

Through various subsidiary investigations, consultations and round table talks the committee seeks to answer the subquestions. The answers to the subquestions provide the building blocks for answering the main question. The committee is to present its inquiry report to the House of Representatives in April 2020, together with the recommendations arising from the report.

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