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  • Pre-university education (gymnasium/HBS), St. Thomascollege, Venlo 1962-1966
  • Graduation pre-university education (atheneum), John F. Kennedy-atheneum, Dongen 1967
  • Psychology, Free University Amsterdam 1970
  • Final editing, Academie voor Journalistiek (Academy for Journalism)
  • Interviewing skills, NOS
  • French language and literature, Universit√© de Poitiers
  • Exam hotel and catering industry
  • Expression, Vrije Academie (Free Academy)


  • Co-writer of several books
  • President of the division Best-Oirschot, Lions Club
  • Co-producer of several art projects
  • Co-founder of Roze Maandag (Pinnk Monday)
  • Co-founder of the Stichting Vrienden van De Gay Krant (SVGK)
  • General director, Best Publishing Group
  • Press officer, VVD fraction, House of Representatives 1978-1985
  • Founder of De Gay Krant (Gay Magazine) 1979
  • First journalist who wrote about aids (then known as GRIDS) 1982
  • Manager PR, ITT Europe 1985-1988
  • member of the Provincial States, Noord-Brabant, since 2011