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  • Pre-university educuation, Scholengemeenschap De Bouwmeester, Haaksbergen 1984-1990
  • Pharmacy (not completed) 1990-1991
  • Dutch law, graduate Criminal law, University of Groningen 1991-1996
  • Course organisations advisor, SIOO Utrecht 2000
  • Business Strategy Course, College for Management, Groningen 2009


  • Sectormanager criminal law, Groningen Court 2002-2007
  • National projectmanager implementation of a new criminal jurisdiction system: GPS, on behalf of the Raad voor de Rechtspraak (Jurisdiction council) 2005-2006
  • Program manager strategy and development, Menzis 2007-2012
  • Member of city council for VVD, municipality of Groningen 2010-2012