On Tuesday 29 March from 6:00 p.m till 7:00 p.m, the standing committee on European Affairs will speak with the European Commissioner for Budget and Financial Programming, Mr Janusz Lewandowski. Topics of conversation are the new financial perspectives for 2013-2020 and monitoring the EU-expenses.

The Committee will speak with the Commissioner about the new financial perspectives of the European Union. What will the EU spend money on in the period 2013-2020? They will also speak about monitoring the EU-expenses. In addition, they will check whether EU spending is legitimate or not. This occurs at the central EU level, the European Audit, but also at national level. Some countries, including the Netherlands, give a so-called State statement. A statement by which the government takes responsibility for the management and spending of European money.

Close watch
The House of Representatives wants to keep a close watch on the developments in this area. The House of Representatives has entered a parliamentary reservation on the revision of the Financial Regulations of the EU. The standing committee on European Affairs paid a visit to European Commissioner Lewandowski on 21 February in Brussels.