From Thursday 19 April until Sunday 22 April, the Contact Group United Kingdom of the Dutch House of Representatives paid a working visit to London. The Contact Group met with their colleagues of the All Party Parliamentary Group on the Netherlands, APPG.   

Topics for discussion were the political priorities of both countries. The MPs also discussed immigration and integration and the European
decision-making process and the role of national parliaments. In addition, they spoke about the economic crisis and financial regulation. 

The Contact Group also met with the Dutch community in London, including students, business community representatives, banking representatives, political parties and cultural organisations. On Saturday, the MPs visited the future Cruyff court football field and had a guided tour through Tottenham High Street and the Tottenham Hotspur football stadium.

The delegation of the Contact Group consisted of the following Members:


  • Han ten Broeke (Chairman, People's Party for Freedom and Democracy)
  • Joost Taverne (People's Party for Freedom and Democracy)
  • Afke Schaart (People's Party for Freedom and Democracy)
  • Lea Bouwmeester (Labour Party)
  • Jacques Monasch (Labour Party)
  • Wim Kortenoeven (Party for Freedom)
  • Maarten Haverkamp (Christian Democratic Appeal)
  • Harry van Bommel (Socialist Party)