On Wednesday 10 April 2013 the temporary committee on house prices presented its final report. The committee has carried out an investigation into twenty years of rising property prices in the Netherlands and five years of falling prices. The aim was to broadly examine all the relevant factors in the housing market, and the organisations that are active in it, apart from the current political reality. In addition to the role of many stakeholders, the position and the future of Dutch homebuyers were given special attention.

Interactive summary
At the presentation a website was launched with a visual and interactive summary of the final report (in Dutch). The committee considers it of paramount importance for homebuyers to be well informed, because for most people buying a house will be the most important financial decision they will ever make in their life. The website enables homebuyers to monitor how house prices have developed, including maybe the price of their own home.

The investigation committee consists of the following MPs: 

  • Mr Kees Verhoeven (D66, chair)
  • Ms Betty de Boer (VVD)
  • Mr Ed Groot (PvdA)
  • Mr Raymond Knops (CDA)