Every year on the third Wednesday in May, Accountability day, the Cabinet presents a survey of the financial state of affairs with regard to the previous budget year to the House of Representatives. This year, on 15 May, Mr Jeroen Dijsselbloem, minister of Finance, will come to the House with a special briefcase containing the annual report of the Central Government and the annual reports of each ministry separately. The Cabinet has announced that this year on Accountability day it will deal with the effects of the spending cuts in particular. On Thursday 16 May the House holds a debate with the Cabinet about the annual financial reports.


National Court of Audit

Also on 15 May, the National Court of Audit will publish its audit of the anuual reports of the departments. After the presentation of the annual reports to the House of Representatives the President of the National Court of Audit, Ms Saskia Stuiveling, will present the Court's audit to the House.