If you feel that a Member of Parliament has breached the Code of Conduct, please use this form to submit a complaint to the Integrity Investigation Committee (College van onderzoek integriteit). For the Committee to investigate your complaint, it must fulfil the following conditions:

  • You must provide your name and address
  • The complaint must involve a Member of Parliament
  • The behaviour of the Member of Parliament about which you are complaining must have taken place on or since 1 April 2021
  • You must give a description of the facts concerning the complaint, the behaviour which you feel is in breach of the Code of Conduct. Also state the date upon which the behaviour took place or when it started. You may provide evidence in the form of appendices to this form.

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Your personal details will only be used for handling your complaint. You can find more information about the use of personal data here. You are advised to read this information before submitting your complaint.


You may submit a complaint to the Integrity Investigation Committee (College van onderzoek integriteit) about a breach of the Code of Conduct by a Member of the House of Representatives of the States General.

Describe your complaint as accurately as possible in the box below, including in any case all the facts that led to your complaint and when the behaviour that gave rise to the complaint took place.

Here you can upload any relevant documents supporting your complaint. You may submit a maximum of 5 documents in Word, PDF, JPG or PNG format with a maximum size of 2 MB per document.

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