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Impression of the entrance to the temporary House of Representatives at Bezuidenhoutseweg

Renovation of the Binnenhof and relocation of the House of Representatives

Last update on 19-4-2019

The House of Representatives is to be relocated in 2021. The historical Binnenhof building complex is in need...

Container terminal

Committee debate on Brexit and transport

Last update on 8-3-2019

On Thursday, 14 February 2019, the Infrastructure and Water Management Committee met from15.00 to 18.00 to...

Clock in the Plenary Hall of the House of Representatives

Summer time or winter time?

Last update on 6-12-2018

On Tuesday 4 December 2018 the standing committee on the Interior had a debate with Ms Kasja Ollongren,...

Hundred years of universal suffrage

Hundred years of universal suffrage, a celebration

Last update on 5-11-2018

Almost a century ago, in 1919, Dutch parliament made a decision: henceforth, all Dutch men and women would be...