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Containers for the separation of waste plastic and glass

Circular economy

Last update on 13-10-2016

On Wednesday 5 October 2016 the standing committee on Infrastructure and the Environment had a debate with Ms...

Prince's Day 2016

Last update on 19-9-2016

Tuesday 20 September is Prince's Day in the Netherlands. On that day the government presents its plans...

committee meeting MPs Koolmees (D66) and Van Dijck (PVV) in consultation during a committee debate

Meetings during the recess

Last update on 17-8-2016

From Friday 8 July until Tuesday 6 September 2016 the House of Representatives is in summer recess. Yet,...

Parliamentarians from the Euopean Union in the Hall of Knights at one of the conferences the Senate and the House of Representatives organised during the first half of 2016

The Senate and the House of Representatives and the Dutch EU-Presidency: a retrospective

Last update on 17-8-2016

From 1 January until 1 July 2016 the Netherlands held the rotating presidency of the Council of the European...