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Privacy statement on the use of personal data by the Board of Inquiry on Integrity

On this page you can read what the Board and the Board's secretariat do with your personal data if you submit a complaint and request that it be handled.

What data?

You are requested to submit your complaint by filling in the web form. You must state your name, address and email address. Without this information your complaint will not be dealt with. We also ask for your telephone number, but you are not obliged to give this. If you choose to submit your complaint by letter, you must state your name and address and telephone number (optional). If your description of the complaint also contains personal data of other people, or you include documents that contain personal data, these data will also be processed by the Board. The Board will not process any data other than those that are needed to deal with your complaint.


The required data will be used to contact you. They will also be used to send you a response to your complaint and in order to make any decision arising from your complaint. To be able to deal with your complaint, it will also be necessary to share your data with the MP about whom your complaint is being made. This gives the MP the opportunity to respond to your complaint. The data will not be used for any other purpose.

Is this allowed?

We are permitted to use your personal data because this is necessary for the Board appointed by the House of Representatives to carry out its task in the public interest. Your data will be protected. It is important to us that your personal data are protected against theft or unauthorised access, so we have taken suitable security measures to ensure this.

For how long?

We will keep your personal data for 10 years.