• VBO, Coenegroep College, Gouda
  • MBO level 4 Marketing and Communication, ID College, Gouda
  • HBO Communication management, direction Government Communication, Utrecht


  • National boardmember Young Socialists: unit and member administration 2004-2006
  • Co-founder and chairman of the board Young Socialists, Gouda 2004
  • Co-founder Youth Committee, Gouda 2005
  • Member of city council, PvdA, municipality of Gouda 2006-Oct 2012
  • Member of the board: press officer, communication and pr advisor, Indoor soccer association Watergras, Gouda 2007-2008
  • Member of the board Young Socialists 2008-2009
  • Communication advisor and policy officer and trainee researcher,Association of Dutch-Moroccans (Samenwerkingsverband van Marokkaanse Nederlanders, SMN), Utrecht 2008-2010
  • Internship HBO, Housing association Moza├»ek Wonen, Gouda 2008
  • National chairman Young Socialists in the PvdA 2009-2010
  • Policy officer religion, law and society, Kennisinstituut FORUM 2010-2012