From Tuesday 5 March until Friday 8 March 2013 the Inter-parliamentary Kingdom Consultation between the parliaments of the Netherlands, Curacao, Aruba and Sint Maarten takes place in The Hague. The three Carribean delegations were received by Mr Fred de Graaf, President of the Senate, on Tuesday 5 March at 9.45 am, where they were joined by delegations from the Senate and the House of Representatives.



During a plenary meeting in the Plenary Hall of the Senate the leaders of the delegations each deliverd a short speech, followed by discussions about education and energy. After lunch, the delegations had a meeting in the Thorbecke room about transport issues, which was followed by a reception by Prime Minister Mark Rutte. In the evening, the parliamentarians were offered a dinner by the Speaker of the House of Representatives.


The next two days will be used for working visits and exchange of thoughts on topics including health care, youth issues and the 200th anniversary of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The delegations are offered a dinner by the President of the Senate. The delegations are to use Friday morning to make arrangements about the frequency, the arrangement and the organization of the interparliamentary consultation between the four countries within the Kingdom in the future.


Press conference

On Friday 8 March the inter-parliamentary consultation will be concluded by the adoption and signing of a list of agreements and a joint press conference by the four delegations. This press conference is due to begin at 2.00 pm and will be held in the Thorbecke room.