Every year on the third Wednesday in May the Minister of Finance presents the National Financial Annual Report and the ministries’ annual reports. This presentation - in a special briefcase - is known as  Accountability Day. After the presentation by the minister of Finance, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the president of the Court of Audit mrs. Saskia Stuiveling, will deliver her annual report on the financial  situation of the government. The House will debate the reports on Thursday May 16.

Annual reports

The ministries prepare annual reports after the close of the budget year. The reports look back at the plans presented in the central government budget and the Budget Memorandum and the government accounts for their implementation. Together, the annual reports of the individual ministries form the National Financial Annual Report.

Court of Audit
The Minister of Finance sends the annual reports to the Netherlands Court of Audit at the end of March. The National Financial Annual Report, consisting of explanatory notes on the ministries’ annual reports and the central government statement of expenditure and revenue, is also sent to the Court of Audit. The Court of Audit must express an opinion on the documents before they are forwarded to the Senate and House of Representatives on Accountability Day.