From Sunday 8 May until Saturday 14 May, a delegation of the Committee of European Affairs is paying a working visit to Serbia, Kosovo and Albania.


Topic of this working visit is the ambition of Serbia, Kosovo and Albania to become a member of the European Union. Main point is whether the 3 countries satisfy the criteria for accession set by the European Union. In this context Serbia gives explicit attention to the cooperation of the Serbian authorities with the Ex-Yugoslavia tribunal. In addition, high priority is given to the relations between Serbia and Kosovo.


The MPs will also speak with parliamentarians and government representatives of the 3 countries and with international representatives. They will visit several enterprises, a juvenile detention centre as well as projects supported by the Netherlands.


  • Gerda Verburg (Chairman, CDA);
  • Han ten Broeke (VVD);
  • Pierre Heijnen (PvdA);
  • Louis Bontes (VVD);
  • Henk Jan Ormel (CDA);
  • Harry van Bommel (SP);
  • Gerard Schouw (D66).

Read the Press Statement of chairman Gerda Verburg.