Debate on the future of Europe in Maastricht

In what direction should the European Union be heading? Should it strive for more cooperation in more fields? Or should it strive for less cooperation, of more efficiency? What topics should be given priority? Dutch Members of Parliament will discuss these and more issues with a number of experts as well as representatives from EU institutions, such as Mr Frans Timmermans, first Vice-President of the European Commission.

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Public round table talk

The Provincial Building “Gouvernement” in Maastricht
The Provincial Building “Gouvernement” in Maastricht

On 11 December 2017, the standing committee on European Affairs of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands will organize a public round table talk on the White Paper on the Future of Europe, in cooperation with the Dutch Province of Limburg. The event will be held in the Provincial Building “Gouvernement” in Maastricht, where the Maastricht Treaty was signed 25 years ago. The preparatory work for the round table talk was done by our two rapporteurs Mr Pieter Omtzigt (Christian Democratic Party) and Ms. Renske Leijten (Socialist Party), and will be chaired by Mr Malik Azmani (VVD).


The following Members of Parliament have participated in the round table: Anne Mulder (VVD), Malik Azmani (VVD), Pieter Omtzigt (CDA), Renske Leijten (SP), Kathalijne Buitenweg (GroenLinks), Achraf Bouali (D66), Petra Stienen (D66, Senate) and André Postema (PvdA, Senate).