Approval from the House not necessary

The Cabinet's decision to make fighter planes and military personnel available does not require approval from the House. However, according to article 100 of the Dutch Constitution the Cabinet has the obligation to inform the House about the military deployment. This information was given in the so-called "article 100-letter" the House received on Wednesday 24 September.

Article 100-letter

In their letter the ministers in charge made mention of the rapid progress of ISIS and its affiliated organisations. The Cabinet considers this rapid progress to be a direct threat to the region. It causes instability at the borders of Europe, with potential far-reaching consequences for the security in the Netherlands. In cooperation with the United States and other (regional) partners the military operation will focus at breaking ISIS's military strength in the short term. The Netherlands makes available six operational F-16s and provides 250 military personnel, as well as 130 military personnel who will train Iraqi and Kurdish forces, for a maximum period of twelve months.