Six members of the House of Representatives and two members of the Senate took part in the annual session of the Nato Parliamentary Assembly in Dubrovnik, Croatia, from 11-14 October. The Session brings together some 340 parliamentarians from the 28 NATO member countries from North America and Europe as well as delegates from partner countries and observers. They discussed and adopted Assembly reports and recommendations on current transatlantic security matters. The next annual session will be in The Hague in November 2014.

 Since its creation in 1955, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly has provided a specialised forum for members of parliament from across the Atlantic Alliance to discuss and influence decisions on Alliance security. Through its work and activities, the Assembly facilitates parliamentary awareness and understanding of the key issues affecting the security of the Euro-Atlantic area, and supports national parliamentary oversight over defence and security. Crucially, it helps to strengthen the transatlantic relationship and the values which underpin the Alliance.
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The Assembly is institutionally separate from NATO, but serves as an essential link between NATO and the parliaments of the NATO nations. It provides greater transparency of NATO policies, and fosters better understanding of the Alliance’s objectives and missions among legislators and citizens of the Alliance.