Fifteen parties elected into the House of Representatives

The elections of November 22nd, 2023, resulted in fifteen parties taking seat in the House of Representatives. The Partij voor de Vrijheid (Party for the Freedom, PVV) emerged as the largest party, obtaining 37 seats.

An overview of the Plenary hall during the post-election debate
The new House of Representatives meets in the plenary hall

In a public occasion on December 1st, the Chairwoman of the House of Representatives received the final results of the elections. The results were delivered by the Electoral Council, a central advisory committee for the elections.

Final Sitting 

As a result of the elections, a total of eighty members, including chairwoman Vera Bergkamp, departed from parliament. Some no longer wished to stand for elections, whereas others were not re-elected, despite running for candidacy

The final sitting with the House of Representatives in its pre-election form, took place on December 5th. This was an opportunity for departing members of parliament to say their farewells. Chairwoman Vera Bergkamp addressed each of the departing members in a final grand speech. 

Inauguration of the new House of Representatives

The new House of Representatives was installed on December 6th. Temporary Chairwoman Roelien Kamminga was the first to be inaugurated. Afterwards, all 149 members of Parliament were officially installed. The inauguration of the new House of Representatives and the departure of Chairwoman Vera Bergkamp necessitated an election for a new Chairperson. This election took place on December 14th.