Blue chairs in the plenary Hall

Tuesday September 3 – in the first plenary session after the recess – four new members of the House will be sworn in.

Rudmer Heerema (35) joined the liberal VVD-partygroup. He  takes the seat that became vacant when Johan Houwers announced he would retreat from the House. Mr. Heerema is member of the local council in the city of Alkmaar and was the founder and director of a centre for education and sports.

Marith Rebel-Volp (40) will temporarily  take the seat of Yasemin Cegerek in the PvdA-partygroup (social democrats). Ms. Cegerek is on maternity leave.  Marith Rebel-Volp is a general practitioner in her hometown Haarlem. She  is a also  president of the Dutch organisation of female GP’s.

Tjitske Siderius (31) will also temporarily take a seat of a MP who is on maternity leave. In the group of the SP (socialists party) she repaces Sadet Karabulut. Mr. Siderius is member of the local council i the city of Zwolle and until now assistent tot the MP’s of the socialists party.

Henk Leenders (58
will temporarily take a  seat  in the PvdA-group. When his partymember Yasemin Cegerek returns form her maternity leave, mister Leenders shall  leave  the House again. Henk Leenders is also a member of the Provinciale Staten (regional parliament)  in the province of Noord-Brabant.