Coup attempt

After the failed coup attempt by part of the Turkish army, on Friday 15 July 2016, tension built up among the Dutch-Turkish community as well. On Tuesday 13 September the House had a debate about the turmoil. On Monday 10 October the standing committee on Social Affairs and Employment held a hearing with representatives from Dutch-Turkish organizations, in order to gather extra information about the social impact of the coup attempt on Dutch-Turkish citizens and organizations. On Wednesday 5 October a round-table discussion had already been held with experts and scientists.

The committee's aim of the hearing was to gain a clearer picture of how Dutch-Turkish organizations view Dutch society and of the relation they foster with Turkey. These insights may be useful in the coming debates about the subject.

Round-table discussions

Parliamentary committees are regularly holding round-table discussions on subjects in their area of interest. That is how MPs gather information and advice from various sides about the plans and positions of the Cabinet. The advantage of holding a round-table discussion is that the experts do not need to talk to MPs individually.