Mr Anne Mulder (VVD) observer at German elections

From Friday 22 September until Monday 25 September Mr Anne Mulder MP (VVD) will act as an observer at the parliamentary elections in Germany. On behalf of the Senate and the House of Representatives Mr Mulder takes part in an observer mission of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE PA).

Electoral contest in Germany

German Bundestag
The building of the German Bundestag in Berlin

The OSCE PA observation mission will monitor a fair and free course of the electoral contest in Germany. Mr Anne Mulder arrives in Berlin on Friday 22 September, where he will attend briefings during two days. On Sunday 24 September, the day of the Bundestag elections, he will take part in an observation mission in the Berlin region, together with a member of parliament from Norway and an American official observer. After a debriefing on Monday 25 September the observers will leave for home.

Elections observation missions

The OCSE sends election observation missions to countries on a regular basis, in order to monitor a fair and free course of the elections. The observation mission to the German elections on 24 September is made up of members of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.