The important office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives does not benefit from the continued debate regarding her own person, according to van Miltenburg. According to the Oosting Committee, Ms van Miltenburg should have informed the Committee about the content of an anonymous whistle-blower letter. Ms van Miltenburg is of the opinion that she always honoured all agreements and acted accordingly. She no longer wishes to burden the office of Speaker with a discussion about her own person

Anouchka van Miltenburg:

“I am honoured and privileged to have been Speaker of the House of Representatives for the past 3 years. I love this parliament, that operates strongly, confidently and effectively; that discusses matters in all openness and transparency and that reflects all opinions in our society. The past three years have had their ups and downs. Nevertheless, I look back on these special years with pleasure and contentment. Much has been done. There were many fruitful debates, new, innovative ways of cooperation between coalition and opposition partners were found, and important laws were passed.

I am grateful to my fellow Members of Parliament for giving me the opportunity to be their Speaker. This is an important office, that I no longer wish to burden with a discussion about my own person.”