Presentation of The parliamentary Committee on a Broad Definition of Welfare

What is welfare and how can we measure it adequately? In our day-to-day lives, welfare covers much more than our income alone. In a broad sense, our welfare encompasses numerous different aspects, including health, security, good housing and education. This not only applies to welfare of individuals, but also to welfare of society as a whole. Furthermore, it not only concerns what is happening «here and now», but also the consequences of our actions «elsewhere» and «later».

Effective instrument

It has become clear to the committee that the primary need is not for more information about welfare, but rather for an authoritative and effective instrument for presenting up-to-date information clearly and succinctly. The committee’s conclusions are unlikely to be the final word on this matter, but the committee hopes that its recommendations will provide the House of Representatives with a clear framework for an annual debate on the development of our welfare.

Download the report

Download the report Mapping Welfare of the Temporary Committee on a Broad Definition of Welfare.