Also prime minister Mark Rutte was sworn in as MP. The old Cabinet has resigned, and the formation of a new Cabinet is under negotiation.

Ms. Khadija Arib, the President of the House, opened the meeting at 1 pm. All 150 members of the House were sworn in, including 71 new MP's. At the ceremony, MP's could choose between the oath or affirmation.

The oath or affirmation

At the swearing-in ceremony in the House of Representatives every MP has to take the oath or the affirmation:

“I swear (declare) that in order to be appointed member of the States-General, I have not promised or given, directly or indirectly, any gifts or presents to any person under any name or pretext whatsoever. I swear (declare and affirm) that in order to do or refrain from doing anything whatsoever in this office, I have not accepted and will not accept, directly or indirectly, any promises or presents from anyone whomsoever. I swear (affirm) allegiance to the King, to the Charter for the Kingdom of the Netherlands and to the Constitution. I swear (affirm) that I will faithfully perform all the duties which the office lays upon me. So help me,  Almighty God! (This I declare and affirm!)”