Fyra is the brand name for the high-speed rail connection that was planned between Amsterdam and Brussels. Due to problems with the Italian built high-speed trains the original plans could not be executed. After a number of incidents and inspections, the trains were taken out of service in the Netherlands and Belgium. The first issue of the parliamentary inquiry will be that of how the operator of the high-speed rail connection between Amsterdam and Brussels was chosen. Other issues that will be investigated are the choice for the Italian Fyra trains, how the building process of these trains was supervised and how the inspection of the first train units was prepared and carried out after delivery.

The parliamentary inquiry will start by gathering information through meetings with experts and stakeholders, study visits and desk research. During the second stage – planned for autumn 2014 – the committee will hold closed hearings with key persons and other witnesses. Based on the results of these hearings the committee will decide who to invite for the public hearings. These public hearings will be held in December 2014 and January 2015. The committee hopes to present its report in May 2015