Proceedings Room open for visitors on History of The Hague Day

On History of The Hague Day, Saturday, 14 April 2018, the House of Representatives will open the doors of its Proceedings Room ("Handelingenkamer"). This historical library is only rarely open to the public, the previous occasion was on Heritage Day, 9 September 2017.

Old Library (Handelingenkamer)

The Proceedings Room is located in what used to be the Department of Justice. It was built in Dutch neo-renaissance style by Cornelis Hendrik Peters, the Chief Government Architect, who was an apprentice to Cuypers. The Proceedings Room is 9 metres high and can accommodate up to 30,000 volumes.

All debates in the House of Representatives are recorded verbatim reports. These verbatim reports are called the Proceedings ("Handelingen" in Dutch). Two centuries' worth of Handelingen are kept in the historical library of the House of Representatives, the Proceedings Room ("Handelingenkamer").

This library is usually closed to visitors and opens its doors to the general public only as an exception. History of The Hague Day is such an exception. Eight guided tours of this historical location will be conducted during which you will be able to take a look at this unique location. Visitors will also be shown the public gallery of the Plenary Hall of the House of Representatives ("Plenaire Zaal").

Schedule and free tickets

On April 14 the Plein in The Hague will be the centre of all activities of History of The Hague Day. Tickets for all activities, including a visit to the Proceedings Room, will be available at the stalls in the Plein. Participation in one of the eight tours is free. Please note that tours will be conducted in Dutch only.

Tour 1             11.00 hrs - 11.45 hrs (assemble at 10.45 hrs)

Tour 2             11.30 hrs - 12.15 hrs (assemble at 11.15 hrs)

Tour 3             12.00 hrs - 12.45 hrs (assemble at 11.45 hrs)

Tour 4             12.30 hrs - 13.15 hrs (assemble at 12.15 hrs)

Tour 5             13.00 hrs - 13.45 hrs (assemble at 12.45 hrs)

Tour 6             13.30 hrs - 14.15 hrs (assemble at 13.15 hrs)

Tour 7             14.00 hrs - 14.45 hrs (assemble at 13.45 hrs)

Tour 8             14.30 hrs - 15.15 hrs (assemble at 14.15 hrs)

Entrance: House of Representatives, Plein 2 entrance

Please note that upon entrance visitors will have to go through a scanning procedure during which proof of identity may be requested.

Chinese influences

A small dragon's head adorns the railings of the Proceedings Room.
A small dragon's head adorns the railings of the Proceedings Room.

The former Department of Justice was built in Dutch neo-renaissance style by the Chief Government Architect Cornelis Hendrik Peters, an apprentice to Cuypers. Its appearance was heavily influenced by a fashion for all things Chinese, which can be seen in its red and green furnishings, the small handles in the shape of dragons' claws, the scales on the leaded glass dome and the small dragons' heads adorning the railings. The Proceedings Room measures 13,5 by 6 metres, with a height of 9 metres. It can accommodate up to 30,000 volumes.