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View of the River Thames and the Houses of Parliament
View of the River Thames and the Houses of Parliament


On Thursday 16 October 2016 the committee on European Affairs designated MPs Marit Maij (PvdA) and Pieter Omtzigt (CDA) rapporteurs on Brexit. In their final report they write that guaranteeing the existing rights of Dutch citizens and other EU citizens in the UK must be the top priority. Their existing rights must be guaranteed, also after Brexit. This will prevent individuals from being held hostage to economic or other interests. Naturally, this also applies vice versa to British citizens who are presently living in the Netherlands.

Trading relationship

The rapporteurs argue in favour of preserving close and free trading relations between the EU27 and the United Kingdom by means of certain ties with the European internal market. The rapporteurs recommend that the negotiations include a focus on the conclusion of a new (trade) agreement, in order to prevent damage to the Dutch economy and employment.

Information position and finance

Furthermore, the rapporteurs point out that the House of Representatives must remain closely involved in the negotiations on Brexit. Existing agreements on informing the House must be complied with. Moreover, the consequenses of Brexit for the EU Multiannual Financial Framework should be surveyed. Finally, a possible British Euratom exit, concerning the European cooperation in the field of nuclear energy, should not be part of the Brexit negotiations.

Working visit and roundtable

On Wednesday 1 February the committee held a roundtable on Brexit, with experts and stakeholders. On Monday 6 februari 2017 the rapporteurs and a delegation from the committee on European Affairs paid a working visit to London. The rapporteurs have incorporated the outcome of the roundtable and the working visit in their report about Brexit.