On Tuesday 11 January, first question time took place in a new form in the Plenary Hall of the Dutch House of Representatives. This is an experiment which will be conducted until Friday 18 February, the start of the spring recess.

During question time in its new format:

  • The MP who asks the question, will have more opportunities for complementary questions after the response to the first question. The questioner will have 2 minutes for the first complementary question and 30 seconds or a full minute for the second and third complementary question.
  • The speaking time allocated to the minister for his/her reply will be shortened: 3 minutes for the first question and 1 minute for every complementary question.
  • Other MPs cannot ask complementary questions.

A set of questions and answers will take approximately 10 minutes in this new format. This means that during question time approximately 6 or 7 questions can come up for discussion.

The Presidium will evaluate the experiment and come with proposals to the Rules of Procedure if necessary.

The proposal for the experiment is an initiative of the Presidium and is based on an advice of the Procedure committee. The committee has issued the advice to the Presidium on account of a commitment by the President of the House at the treatment of the budget estimates of the House of Representatives for 2011.