During their visit to Brussels, the two rapporteurs met with members of the European Parliament (including EP rapporteur Marian-Jean Marinescu), a representative of the European Commission and representatives of the aviation sector. The rapporteurs are conducting the consultations on behalf of the Infrastructure and Environment Committee in an attempt to gain greater clarity regarding the faltering implementation of SES proposals outlined by the European Commission. The aim of the SES is to improve the efficiency of the fragmented European airspace and to reform the various air traffic control services. Alongside saving money and time, the proposals are also designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


The purpose of the rapporteurship of Van Helvert and Belhaj is to increase the sense of urgency regarding the full implementation of the SES proposals. The MPs are also keen to chart the obstacles that are stopping various EU member states from implementing the Commission’s proposals. In order to gather this information, the observers sent a questionnaire and explanation to numerous European parliaments in April 2016. The findings of this questionnaire will be discussed in the Hall of Knights on Monday 13 June during a COSAC conference, attended by the European Affairs committees of national parliaments.

Position paper and questions for MPs in other member states

The rapporteurs call upon their fellow MPs, and particularly the aviation sector representatives, to respond to the questions and positions in the position paper.