Please note: the tours are given in Dutch only!

Three thematic tours

1. More than the Plenary Hall

The House of Representatives is so much more than just the Plenary Hall you see on television. This tour will take you through 200 years of history of the premises of the House of Representatives. Doors that normally remain closed will open on this tour. For instance, you will visit the so-called Proceedings Room (Handelingenkamer), the library of the former Ministry of Justice, and the Stadholder's Room, where Henk Kamp and Wouter Bos conducted the negotiations on the formation of a new Cabinet in 2012. It was once the study and reception room of stadholder Willem V.

2. Take a look behind the scenes

On this tour you will take a look behind the scenes of the House of Representatives: What does it take to make the House function? Who are these people who gather in the House of Representatives? As of 1815, thousands of people have had a seat in the House of Representatives, with the provinces always playing a major part. You will learn more about this on this tour of several special locations in the House of Representatives.

3. The House of Representatives on screen

This tour will show you how the House of Representatives is portrayed in the media. You will visit the control room and the tv studio. You will also visit the press tower, where journalists have their work rooms. If you are in luck, parliamentary reporters will share their experiences with you and tell you about their work.