All the speakers expressed their support, thanks and respect for everyone involved in the extremely difficult task of repatriating and identifying the remains of the victims of the Flight MH17 disaster. There was also great appreciation for the speech by Minister Timmermans at the United Nations in New York. An overwhelming majority of the House supported the approach taken by the Dutch government, with its focus on the repatriation of the victims and the recovery and return of their personal possessions by means of an as yet unarmed police mission. In part based on the information provided during a briefing the day earlier, most spokespersons felt that under the present circumstances, this was the best option and is preferable to a military mission.

During the debate the cabinet made a number of concrete commitments:
• The House will be informed of the decision by the EU regarding the package of sanctions and the opinion of the cabinet concerning this.
• The House will be informed if and when mission members are issued with side arms.
• The House will be given further information about how journalists are being facilitated during the mission.
• The House will be given an update concerning the medical capacity.
• If necessary, the House will be updated on the safety situation.
• The House will be informed about the interim reports from the Dutch Safety Board.
• The State Secretary for Infrastructure and the Environment will inform the House about the rights of passengers concerning airlines to know which areas are being avoided.