For the second time the German Ministry of the Environment had organized the European Resources Forum (ERF 2014). This year the focus was on the EU circular economy package. In a circular economy raw materials and parts of products are reused as much as possible. The term also refers to the ecological cycle, in which residues are safely degraded in nature after use.


The standing committee on Infrastructure and the Environment has designated the EU circular economy package as a priority EU dossier. Ms Yasemin Cegerek has been appointed rapporteur on behalf of the committee. In this capacity she will closely monitor the developments with regard to the package. She will frequently report on this to the other members of the committee.

Government, financial sector and business sector

Apart from participants from the government sector (among whom the Environment Ministers from Germany and Poland, director-general Chris Kuijpers of the Dutch ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, representatives of the European Commission and members of the European Parliament) representatives from the financial sector and the European business sector were also in attendance at the conference. Read the complete programme.