Financial Economic Department

The Financial Economic Department (FEZ) is the controller, advocate of budgetary interests and purchasing advisor for the House of Representatives. FEZ ensures the lawful, efficient and effective allocation and use of public funds within the House of Representatives and is responsible for the procurement of resources and services. On this basis, five objectives can be extrapolated from the FEZ’s role:

  • Ensure a meticulous assessment process for the optimal allocation of funds across the individual activities, services and/or objectives of the House of Representatives.
  • Ensure orderly financial management so as to guarantee legitimacy. This includes organising and structuring purchasing activities so that they comply with the relevant laws and regulations.
  • Serve, in the best possible way, the interests of the House of Representatives during acquisition processes and the allocation of resources.
  • In the interests of effectiveness, promote organisational goals by using appropriate resources.
  • In the interests of efficiency, promote the concept that the amount of resources used should not exceed the amount that is absolutely necessary for achieving the set goals. Purchasing activities are one of the tools at the FEZ’s disposal for this purpose.