Senna Maatoug


Senna Maatoug was born in Leiden on 19 August 1989, and lives in Leiden. She has been a Member of the House of Representatives for 1202 days in total.

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“If you want to go far, go together”

I have been socially engaged for as long as I can remember. My parents always taught me to roll up my sleeves and do my bit, as well as impressing on me the importance of politics.


The climate crisis and inequality in society are the great challenges of our time. My heartfelt desire to make a change drove me to politics: the decisions made in the House affect us all.

Rewarding unacceptable behaviour

Our unfair economy is the ground cause of many of the problems we have on our hands. We reward unacceptable behaviour, resulting in the unfair distribution of wealth, exploitation, and the climate crisis we’re facing today. We need to change the fundamentally inequitable patterns underlying society today, because you do not solve problems by tackling the consequences.

Honest politicians

The Netherlands needs honest politicians and long-view leaders. My goal is to put in a shift for all Dutch people and unheard voices in particular. As I see it, politics should not only be about sectional interests, because the sum of all individual interests will never add up to the collective interest.