European legislation

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Better regulation is one of the European Commission's top priorities. The proposal of European Commissioner Frans Timmermans is not about regulating or deregulating, but about improving existing and future legislation. The aim of the European Commission is to better assess European proposals in advance and to render the legislation process more transparent.

Better regulation

The European Commission intends to better explain, beforehand, the socio-economic impact its proposals may have. This also holds true for the impact on the environment, on competitiveness, on small and medium businesses and on the protection of fundamental rights. Extra attention is paid to small entrepreneurs, for the benefit of whom as many rules as possible must be mitigated or abolished.

Technological developments

The Cabinet appreciates the plans of Mr Timmermans and will largely support them. Mr Koenders considers it positive, for instance, that the European Commission intends to explain the impact of proposals better in advance. However, the cabinet is of the opinion that in some respects, the plans of the European Commission are not far-reaching enough. The Cabinet wants less regulation in key policy areas, but for the European Commission reduction of regulation is not an aim in itself.

For the Cabinet it remains unclear whether the proposal for better regulation sufficiently takes into account the super-fast (digital) technological developments. These developments largely contribute to economic growth and create new revenue models, products and services.


On Wednesday 28 October 2015 the standing committee on European Affairs organised a hearing in the House of Representatives. Interested organisations were given the opportunity to comment on the European Commission's plans for better regulation.