Max Aardema

Max Aardema, PVV with the PVV logo


Max Aardema was born in Smallingerland on 11 February 1963, and lives in Drachten. He has been a Member of the House of Representatives for 222 days in total.

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“Putting Dutch people first”

Even before I got into politics, I was inspired by Pim Fortuyn. He wanted to change how old politics worked with his trademark transparent attitude: he got people thinking. I was elected as a member of the provincial council of Friesland in 2011, after which I was made group chairman and deputy senate member. I have been with the police for years, and I have seen countless things that I would have done differently. Effecting change from within the police would have been difficult, but what better place is there to make a change than the House of Representatives?

Down to earth

Some people think that MPs can pick up and solve issues within a week or three, but unfortunately, reality is quite different. Being a politician has taught me that you have to take a step back sometimes, work together, and look forward to get results. I’m a calm and down-to-earth person – you could call me a true Frisian. I’m not easily played for a fool. As an MP, I strive to be as open as possible and I’m always in for a good discussion!

Motorbike and keyboard

Weather permitting, I like to commute from my home in Drachten to The Hague by motorbike. In winter, I spend my time with another favourite vehicle: my model trains. You could also find me playing pop tunes on mykeyboard. I keep it in the back of my car, so I can play it anywhere.