Suzanne Kröger


Suzanne Kröger is born in Amsterdam on 6 June 1976 and lives in Amsterdam. She is in total 2372 days active in the House of Representatives.

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“Green innovation”

I have travelled the world with my family in the pursuit of sustainability. On behalf of Greenpeace, I worked towards greening international trade and protecting biodiversity and the climate. I lived in Indonesia for many years, where I saw the impact of our unsustainable global economy on people and nature with my own eyes. During my time there, I encountered widespread deforestation, pollution and human rights violations, and I became committed to fighting for positive change.

From straggler to frontrunner

The Netherlands used to a beacon of sustainability, and as an MP I want to help the Netherlands go from being a gray straggler to a green frontrunner once more. The years ahead are crucial in humanity’s fight against climate change. We have to protect vulnerable areas, people and nature in the Netherlands and beyond. We need a greener economy, more sustainable energy sources and more equitable international trade.

All over our country, innovative green doers are rolling up their sleeves. All too often, they find in the government an obstacle rather than an ally, while polluting companies are given unparalleled freedom. I want to help remove obstacles, by connecting politics with pioneering businesses and citizens who are already working on the Netherlands of the future.