Edgar Mulder

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Edgar Mulder is born in Enschede on 22 November 1961 and lives in Zwolle. He is in total 2582 days active in the House of Representatives.

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“Fighting for the PVV means fighting for the Netherlands”

My career in business spans thirty years, during which I have been an account manager, sales manager, and more. My job has taken me to just about every school in the Netherlands, and I have seen schools change tremendously over the past decades. What I saw worried me, prompting me to join the PVV in 2007.

For the Netherlands

I have been the PVV’s group chairman in Overijssel provincial council since March 2011, and it is an honour and a privilege to stand up for our views as an MP. The office of MP is the most important job in the country. The PVV is set to become the largest party in the Netherlands at the next elections, and I will fight to protect our values: for the Netherlands and for the PVV.