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Renovation of the Binnenhof and relocation of the House of Representatives

The House of Representatives is to be relocated in 2021. The historical Binnenhof building complex is in need of large-scale renovation, which will take five and a half years to complete. For the duration of that period, all current users of the Binnenhof complex will be moving to the former ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bezuidenhoutsweg 67, next to The Hague Central railway station. After the completion of the renovation the House will return to the Binnenhof.

Hundred years of universal suffrage, a celebration

Almost a century ago, in 1919, Dutch parliament made a decision: henceforth, all Dutch men and women would be entitled to vote. A milestone that is worth celebrating. Find out how it all started and how the law on voting in the Netherlands is ever changing.

Cabinet formation 2017

The election of a new House of Representatives is followed by the formation of a new Cabinet, which is a complex and exciting process. As from 2012, the House itself takes the initiative in the formation of a new Cabinet. Before 2012, the King played an important formal role in the formation process. The formation talks will be held in the Stadholder's Room in the building of the House of Representatives.

An outgoing Cabinet

On 14 March 2017, on the eve of polling day, Prime Minister Mark Rutte paid a visit to King Willem Alexander to tender the resignation of all the ministers and state secretaries to the King. The Rutte II Cabinet is now a so-called "caretaker Cabinet", until the completion of the formation of a new Cabinet. Five questions and answers about the relation between the House and the Cabinet during the formation process.

Elections 2017

On Wednesday 15 March 2017 elections for the House of Representatives were held in the Netherlands. On that day the voters decided which candidates are to hold one of the 150 blue seats in the House on their behalf for the next four years. MPs scrutinize the work of the Government and they are entitled to make and amend bills.

Meetings during the recess

As a rule, there are no debates in the House during a recess. Yet, MPs keep monitoring current issues. It is always possible to hold a debate during the recess. does that work?

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