• Evaluation committee: Cabinet formation proceeded in an orderly fashion

    5 December 2018

    In general, the cabinet-formation process of 2017 proceeded in an orderly fashion, despite is protracted duration. This provides evidence that the procedure as amended in 2012, which is directed by the House of Representatives, can also be applied under difficult circumstances. “This report lays a solid foundation for a subsequent cabinet formation, as well as for a subsequent generation of politicians,” observed Khadija Arib, Speaker of the House of Representatives, who received the first copy of the report on the investigation.

  • Accidental Americans' situation prompts the Dutch House of Representatives to write to the United States Congress

    4 September 2018

    On Tuesday, 4 September 2018, the Finance Committee of the Dutch House of Representatives sent a letter to the United States Congress in which it expressed its worries about the situation of so-called 'accidental Americans'.

  • New Secretary General of the House of Representatives sworn in

    12 June 2018

    On Thursday, 7 June 2018, Ms S.M. (Simone) Roos was sworn in as Secretary General of the House of Representatives, at the beginning of the afternoon sitting of the House. In its sitting of 29 May 2018, the House of Representatives had approved Simone Roos' appointment as Secretary General, with effect from 11 June 2018.

  • V100 - Accountability Day

    31 May 2018

    Involving citizens in overseeing the government: that was the purpose of the meeting of the citizens' panel V100 in the House of Representatives on Friday, 18 May 2018. On that day, citizens were given the opportunity to pose questions about the ministries' annual reports, concerning a number of pre-selected topics. Two days earlier, on Wednesday, 16 May, it was Accountability Day, the counterpart of Prince's Day, in the House of Representatives. On Accountability Day, instead of debating plans, the House examines how these plans have been implemented. That is why Accountability Day is an important moment for Parliament's scrutiny of the work of the government.

  • NATO Secretary General visits Dutch Parliament

    25 April 2018

    On Thursday, 19 April 2018, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg visited The Hague. The president of the House of Representatives, Ms Khadija Arib, and the president of the Senate, Ms Ankie Broekers-Knol, received him in the historical Stadholder's Room in the building of the House of Representatives. Mr Stoltenberg also met with members of the Foreign Affairs and Defence committees of both chambers.

  • Proceedings Room open for visitors on History of The Hague Day

    29 March 2018

    On History of The Hague Day, Saturday, 14 April 2018, the House of Representatives will open the doors of its Proceedings Room ("Handelingenkamer"). This historical library is only rarely open to the public, the previous occasion was on Heritage Day, 9 September 2017.

  • Incident in Plenary Hall House of Representatives – all meetings of Thursday 22 March cancelled

    22 March 2018

    On Thursday March 22 at approximately 12 noon, an incident happened on the public gallery of the Plenary Hall at the House of Representatives. A man jumped down onto the floor of the Hall from the public gallery. Police officers, security personnel and emergency response officers were quickly at the scene. The victim was transported to hospital by ambulance for treatment.

  • Act of Abjuration (Plakkaat van Verlatinghe) on display in the House of Representatives

    15 February 2018

    Since Tuesday, 6 February 2018, a replica of the Act of Abjuration (Plakkaat van Verlatinghe), the unofficial declaration of independence of the Netherlands from 1581, is on display near the Plenary Hall of the House of Representatives. The President of the House, Ms Arib, was the first to take a look at the replica. "The Act of Abjuration tells us who we are", said Arib.

  • MPs meet with EU's Brexit negotiator Barnier

    12 January 2018

    On Tuesday afternoon, 9 January 2018, members of the standing committee on European Affairs had a meeting with Michel Barnier. This Frenchman is the chief Brexit negotiatior on behalf of the European Commission. The MPs discussed with him the progress in the negotiations on Britain's withdrawal from the European Union (EU).

  • Debat Direct app: Get a full week of parliamentary sessions on your personal device

    15 December 2017

    Download the all-new app, view the parliamentary calendar for the entire week, watch all the week's debates, track parliamentary proceedings and share your favourites on social media.

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